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October 11, 2011 · Posted in Oil Gas 

Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company–(Takreer); various positions

Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company–(Takreer) Takreer is considered a prominent oil refining company regionally and internationally contributing to oil markets and to the rapid growth of UAE economy. Since our inception, Takreer maintained its position as a leading refining company, thanks to the high standard and efficient refining operations consistent with sound health, safety and environment practices as well as the world standard performance of both operations and employees.

For more information about TAKREER, please visit our website: takreer.com

For its operations in Ruwais and Abu Dhabi, Takreer seeks suitable qualified and experienced candidates to fill up the following positions:

1. Utilities Manager BED-11001 11001@bruneluae.net
2. Process Department Manager – (Delay Coker & Carbon Black) BED-l1002 1002@bruneluae.net
3. Safety & Fire Dept. Manager BED-l1003 11003@bruneluae.net
4. Maintenance Section Head – (Mechanical) BED-l1004 11004@bruneluae.net
5. Base Oil Section Head BED-l1005 11005@bruneluae.net
6. Gas Processing & Treating Section Head BED-l1006 11006@bruneluae.net
7. Green Diesel Plant Section Head BED-l1007 11007@bruneluae.net
8. Oil Movement Section Head BED-l1008 11008@bruneluae.net
9. Olefins & Alkylates Section Head BED-l1009 11009@bruneluae.net
10. Utilities Section Head BED-l1010 11010@bruneluae.net
11. Plant Control Maintenance Section Head BED-l1011 11011@bruneluae.net
12. Plant Electrical Maintenance Section Head BED-l1012 11012@bruneluae.net
13. Sr. Control Engineer BED-l1013 11013@bruneluae.net
14. Sr. Corrosion Engineer BED-l1014 11014@bruneluae.net
15. Sr. Operation Engineer (Hydrocarbon Waste or Offsite or CDU or BASE Oil or Olefin & Alkylates) BED-l1015 11015@bruneluae.net
16. Sr Process Safety Engineer BED-l1016 11016@bruneluae.net
17. Sr Performance Monitoring Engineer BED-l1017 11017@bruneluae.net
18. Sr Performance Improvement Engineer BED-l1018 11018@bruneluae.net
19. Sr Process Engineer BED-l1019 11019@bruneluae.net
20. Sr. Reliability Engineer BED-l1020 11020@bruneluae.net
21. Sr. Industrial Hygienist BED-l1021 11021@bruneluae.net
22. Sr. Electrical Engineer BED-l1022 11022@bruneluae.net
23. Sr Chemical Engineer BED-l1023 11023@bruneluae.net
24. Sr. Lab Chemist BED-l1024 11024@bruneluae.net
25. Sr. Automation Engineer – (Foxboro) BED-l1025 11025@bruneluae.net
26. Marine Coordinator BED-l1026 11026@bruneluae.net
27. NDT Engineer BED-l1027 11027@bruneluae.net
28. Corrosion Engineer BED-l1028 11028@bruneluae.net
29. Corrosion / Cathodic Protection Engineer BED-l1029 11029@bruneluae.net
30. Safety Engineer BED-l1030 11030@bruneluae.net
31. Automation Engineer – (Yokogawa or Foxboro or ABB) BED-l1031 11031@bruneluae.net
32. Mechanical Engineer BED-l1032 11032@bruneluae.net
33. System Engineer BED-l1033 11033@bruneluae.net
34. NDT Technician BED-l1034 11034@bruneluae.net
35. Control Support Engineer BED-l1035 11035@bruneluae.net
36. Electrical Support Engineer BED-l1036 11036@bruneluae.net
37. Mechanical Support Engineer BED-l1037 11037@bruneluae.net
38. Process Engineer BED-l1038 11038@bruneluae.net
39. Preventive Maintenance Engineer BED-l1039 11039@bruneluae.net
40. Training Instructor – (Process or Mechanical or Electrical) BED-l1040 11040@bruneluae.net
41. Shift Controller BED-l1041 11041@bruneluae.net
42. Shift Supervisor BED-l1042 11042@bruneluae.net
43. Electrical Supervisor BED-l1043 11043@bruneluae.net
44. Safety & Environment Officer BED-l1044 11044@bruneluae.net
45. Production Accounts Assistant BED-l1045 11045@bruneluae.net
46. Sr Operator BED-l1046 11046@bruneluae.net
47. Operator BED-l1047 11047@bruneluae.net
48. Occupational Health Technician BED-l1048 11048@bruneluae.net

NOTE (*): Note must have experience in any one of the above mentioned areas of expertise

METHOD OF APPLICATION: To apply online, please visit www.brunelenergy.net jobs or email your resume in MS-Word format to their respective E-mail given against each position, compulsory mentioning the JOB ID in the subject line (must)

BENEFITS: Free accommodation with furniture, Family Status, Annual paid vacation, Free Medical Insurance, End of Service Benefits, Educational Allowance for Eligible Children and Interest free car loan.

Brunel Energy LLC | PO Box 5658 | Office 105, Business Centre Building
Khalid Bin Waleed Street, Dubai | Tel: +971 4 3974778 | +971 4 3974757

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