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Oil gas Job Schlumberger

The Project Engineer, Special Projects Support is responsible for fluid analysis projects and for supporting MEA, PVT Express, and FID well fluid analysis services. The Project Engineer prepares budget costings and timelines for projects, and discusses and agrees the scope of the work with customers to develop execution strategies. The position reports to the Laboratory Manager.

Successful Project Engineers have substantial knowledge of fluid phase behaviour and related reservoir engineering topics. They are commited to quality, have meticilous attention to detail, and are proficient in PVTPro and EoS simulation packages. They have good leadership, diplomacy, and teamwork skills, and help train and develop personnel for performing data analysis and final report generation. They have strong communication, technical presentation, and reporting skills.

Testing Engineer
Location: Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates


Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering or Chemistry
Minimum 5 years’ experience in PVT analysis and People/Project Management.
HARC process (level 3 training) and HARC writing and implementation.


Maintains regular customer contact and keeps them updated on the project.
Executes work plans for phase behaviour (PVT), enhanced oil recovery, and flow assurance study projects on black oil, volatile oil, and gas condensate fluids.
Distributes project and study instructions to fluid analysis specialists in PVT, analysis, and flow assurance.
Analyzes data generated by fluid analysis specialists and quality controls (QC) the final results.
Equates state model and mass balance for lab data QC.
Provides feedback on QC aspects of laboratory measurements based on data analysis.
Reviews project reports from other project engineers before their final submission.
Coachs and mentors new recruits, pre-school trainees, and fluid analysis specialists.
Leads project review meetings and technical review/tool-box meetings.
Prepares and processes fluid transfer lines of completed projects and all supporting documentation.
Submits fluid sampling and analysis tenders and bids.
Submits risk identification reports.
Maintains a high small-scale technology percentage in training records and requirements.
Keeps up to date with QHSE standards and policies, and participates in QHSE initiatives and team activities.

Here to apply : https://careers.slb.com/experiencedprofessionals/jobaddetail.aspx?id=9102


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